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Tour Tracker includes over 150 cycling-specific features, ranging from big-ticket items like race video to bonus content like integrated fantasy cycling. Below are the core user-facing features included in most of the apps we build.


Tour Tracker was the first cycling app to include live video streaming, and race video remains a key component to our coverage. The app supports live video, full event replay and unlimited video clips for each stage. The app supports any required geo-blocking on the fly, and gracefully adjusts to events that are not streaming video at all.


Tour Tracker includes race tracking as a core feature and was the first app to ever track individual riders.  The apps include interactive stage maps, course profiles and text visualizations of tracking data including rider group details, time gaps and distance gaps. We even have a solution that can convert race-radio updates into tracking data.


Tour Tracker's live news feed keeps users up-to-date during the race, and our recap provides a summary of the day's action. Your reporters - or ours - can provide race coverage and color commentary, including photography and links to additional content. The commentary is archived for convenience like all race data.


Tour Tracker provides a complete set of stage results and race standings for every jersey category. This includes live intermediate climb, sprint and time-trial results. It also includes details like when and why riders abandoned, how the rankings change day to day, and our exclusive rankings based on time riders are off the front.


Before, during and after each day, Tour Tracker provides complete stage and rider information. Stage info includes stage previews, interactive course maps and profiles, exclusive details for intermediate climbs and sprints, and general info like race start time, video start time and more. Rider info includes basic stats, equipment, head shots and racing history.


Tour Tracker integrates with social media in multiple ways. Your existing feeds can be integrated into the app via a dedicated page. Users can post race info to their accounts with links back to the app. And the app can post race notifications and commentary to your feeds to drive traffic back to the app.


To make sure users stay engaged with your event, Tour Tracker provides notifications for key events. Users can choose from notifications that include race starting, video starting, approaching intermediate climbs and sprints, results available and more. Tour Tracker can also post all of these to your social media accounts with links back to the app.


Integrated fantasy cycling can be included in every Tour Tracker app, providing users with another motivation to stay engaged with your event. Users build their own team and the app posts daily notifications when new standings are ready including the overall leaderboard, private leagues and listings by country.


Exclusive to Tour Tracker, our Time Machine feature provides users with the ability to replay not just your race video but race data as well. As the video plays, the race tracking and commentary feeds update as well. Or, the user can tap the data feeds - such as a intermediate climb or crash - to shift the video to just before the event. It is pretty darn cool.


Tour Tracker offers tons of additional features beyond the items listed here. A full list of features is available by request. Or we invite you to download any of our apps and explore on your own. Most everything in the apps is interactive and tapping usually provides more information about each item on the screen.

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