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As an event owner or official broadcaster, there are elements of a solution that are just as important as an award-winning design. Below are some features of our overall solution that have ensured the success of our partners.


Tour Tracker is designed to highlight your sponsors, providing branding and links to their websites. That can include an overall app sponsor that has extensive branding throughout the app. It can also include your existing stage and jersey sponsors, and most features can have their own sponsors as well - e.g. Commentary powered by SRAM.


Tour Tracker provides numerous options for advertising from your sponsors or other partners. This includes full control of standard banner advertisements and support for video pre-roll and mid-race video advertising. Both options can be controlled via standard platforms such as DFP or using our dedicated race management apps.


In addition to our native iPhone, Android and Flash clients, Tour Tracker offers a suite of HTML5 integration options. You can integrate a full race experience or single data feeds into your existing websites easily. Drop in live stage maps and profiles, commentary feeds or race results with one line of Javascript and optional CSS styling.


Tour Tracker is the only platform that includes the ability to integrate race data into your television broadcast. NBC and other partners include live tracking data and other content via our easy-to-use data streams.


Tour Tracker apps have full integration of popular analytics platforms including Google Analytics, providing a detailed view into who your users are and what parts of the app they are interacting with. It also provides you with hard numbers for sponsorship reporting and for your media stories.


We know from experience that things change unexpectedly in cycling. Tour Tracker is designed to handle that reality, giving you the ability to update jerseys, stage details, routes, rider listings and sponsor placements on-the-fly as needed. This let's you release your app well before the race without worrying about app-store delays when things change.


For official Tour de France broadcasters Tour Tracker communicates directly with ASO servers to get race data. For other events we provide a suite of management tools that support commentary, race tracking, time trial results, stage recaps, video uploads and results. We can provide our experienced reporters or train your own staff as needed.


Behind Tour Tracker's great apps is a proven backend solution with a 10-year track record. The platform is built on industry standards and provides integrated monitoring and real-time recovery options. Data delivery is handled via Akamai, the leading content delivery network in the world. Only real-world experience can ensure a successful live event.

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