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Tour Tracker is always moving forward to bring our partners, their sponsors and cycling fans the best. Below are just a few of the latest additions to the overall platform and application features. We have included some that are still in the design phase, and we encourage feedback on the direction we are headed with the platform.


From now on, every Tour Tracker mobile app will have our built-in fantasy cycling game. Cycling fans can pick their own team, create leagues with their friends and compete for glory and prizes. Our preview version had a big impact on user engagement, so this is a win for everyone.


Tour Tracker is now available as a suite of customizable HTML5 widgets that race owners and broadcasters can drop into their existing desktop and mobile websites. Now, in addition to our mobile apps, your event content can be anywhere you want. Here is a desktop example.


Tour Tracker is the only app that allows users to replay a stage's race data, manually synchronizing it with race video playback. Our HTML5 solution is taking this a step further, and users will be able to control the entire replay experience. Want to see when the race leader crashed? It will be a click away.


Connected TV - watching video via Smart TV apps or devices like Roku and Apple TV - really taking off. Tour Tracker will be a part of that. We already have a (private) Roku channel showing years of race video, and our Apple TV prototypes bring our tracking data right to your screen on demand. This is exciting stuff.


Tour Tracker would love to see every race use our platform because it provides racing fans the best experience available. We are working to streamline the app and resources required to deploy it to make this happen. Send us a note if your event might be a good fit or if you have any feedback on the concept.


Tour Tracker Grand Tours now supports links that launch the app and take the user to a specific page. Even better the links support Time Machine and take the user to a specific date/time during a race! More information coming soon! Example: Android

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