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  • Allan Padgett

Climb Gradient Design Competition

User feedback on our new climb gradient visualization has been awesome. And the response to our survey was great, but there was not a clear winner. So, we thought it would be fun to let users submit their own designs. So we extended our web-based Tour Tracker to allow YOU to be the designer.

All you have to do is go to the URL listed below (on your laptop) and then start tweaking the design by changing the URL values. Below the URL is a list of options you can change / add to the URL. You can see your design better if you click on one of the climb icons on the profile and then select Gradients. Once your design is perfect, send us the final modified URL to The best designs will be shared in the app and the top design will get TEAM coverage for life! Good luck!

Values you can set in the URL:

gradient_colors_type: This controls the basic design of the climb gradient graph. Values are:

  • color_alpha_blend - A single color (red) will be blended on top of the profile color from transparent to opaque. Setting gradient_color=RRGGBB can override the default.

  • four_colors - There are four colors in increasing grade: green, blue, black, red. Setting gradient_color_1=RRGGBB, gradient_color_2=RRGGBB, gradient_color_2=RRGGBB, gradient_color_2=RRGGBB can override these colors.

  • color_get_darker - A single color (red) will go from bright to dark. Setting gradient_color=RRGGBB can override the default.

  • color_get_lighter - A single color (red) will go from dark to bright. Setting gradient_color=RRGGBB can override the default.

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