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  • Allan Padgett

Coffee For Clara

Anyone who has used Tour Tracker Grand Tours knows Clara Beard. She has been doing the live commentary for the app since the beginning. Clara's insightful play-by-play of every race we cover is the heart and soul of the app.

Unfortunately as we have expanded from 3 races to over 20, the cost of the purchasing and distributing the data the app needs (routes, rosters, GPS, results) has gone up correspondingly, while the number of paying customers has not. So Clara is working 7x harder without the app bringing us any more money at the end of the day...

So as of today, I have added a feature to the apps called Coffee For Clara. It is a chance for users to voluntarily send Clara a small thank you as often as they like. 100% of the profits of this will go to Clara for coffee, beer or however she wants to hydrate herself. Or a taco.

Of course most users understandably feel they already pay for the app, and please don't feel obligated to do anything. But if you love what she does and think that we charge a reasonable amount for what the app does, send her a coffee occasionally!

As an added incentive to show Clara some love, I'm going to raffle off some of my - unused - jerseys I have collected from races I have worked with. To enter, email a screenshot of your phone showing the "purchase complete" message to!

Thanks, Allan

BTW, Clara is on Twitter here

And here is a photo of your favorite cycling reporter on the job!

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