• Allan Padgett

Tour Tracker Tech #1 - Favorite Riders

For our first Tour Tracker Tech article, we cover out expanded Favorite Rider features in the app! Following are the key features in this new support:

  • Add / remove any rider from your list of favorite riders by tapping the yellow star in the upper-right of the rider's profile page.

  • Add / remove any team from your list of favorite riders by tapping the yellow star in the upper-right of the team's profile page.

  • In both cases, your favorites are now remembered across races!

  • See your list of favorite riders from the My Favorite Riders list on the Riders page.

  • Filter almost any list in the app to show only your favorites by tapping the yellow star at the top of the list next to the search box. On Android, you can reveal this by tapping the search icon in the titlebar. On iOS you can drag down on the list to reveal it, or there is a Setting to show it by default.

  • The lists that are supported as of this writing include any list of riders (by name, position, country, speciality), teams, results and the stage commentary feeds.

  • For the commentary feed only comments that include a mention of the rider / team will be shown. Note that this feature depends on the reporter using the rider's or team's full name.

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